Teresa is our Volunteer Bookkeeper

Teresa Townsend joined our crew in March of of 2010 and took on the monumental task of bookkeeping; yet, she is so much more to us than a bookkeeper. Teresa came to us with years of experience with budgeting for the CA Prison system. After her retirement, she answered the call to help the ministry. Her fresh, positive outlook and intense Love for the Lord adds to her tremendous value. We know she was truly sent by the Lord, and mere words cannot express how much we appreciate her gentle, kind spirit, patience and knowledge. Since that date she began she has implemented Quickbooks and has added her expertise to assist us with budgeting. It is Our Daily Bread’s desire to be transparent in our books and up-to-date in our operations. We work our best to make the most out of every dollar, and Teresa’s skill and expertise has proven to be a valuable asset in our progress. Teresa is such a treasure because she has a unique combination of knowledge, faith in God and joyful outlook on everything she sets her hands to. We consider ourselves truly blessed to have her be a part of our family, and we know that she is sent by God because she is such a tremendous blessing and fills a need that she is so uniquely qualified to fill.

One thought on “Our Treasured Volunteers – Meet Teresa”

  1. I wrote a store about a place called Daily Bread, that I am arranging to have sent to you. I hope you will all enjoy it, this Christmas season, as I believe it carries a message of love and hope to all, and shows the reason for the season.

    The inspirational ‘fiction’ is called HIS EYE IS ON THE SPARROW and I am its authoress. I live here in crescent city, perhaps a mile from you . I have physical disabilities but can sew, so I ,,,, with my hubby and friends help, have made 2 foot dolls for kids with cancer, severe disabilities, and other devastating things. They are free including postage, if they need mailing out. I make (boy and girl dolls…and they are intended to give comfort. they are real cute) Give a call if you know of a child, or just want to call for another reason.
    at any rate, I hope the story will be loved and shared with others I go to Larry Read’s church….New Life Community.on 2nd and D St.
    May God bless and keep you and yours in the hollow of HIS hands, and may you receive your portion of that which is good and right this Christmas season.

    Remember HIS eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me!

    Vickey Stamps

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