We couldn't feed the hungry with out Steve
Steve: Volunteer Night Manager

Steve is another of our great success stories. He is an example of the life transforming power of God. Steve is a wonderful man with a big heart and much potential; yet, he came to us deeply depressed, homeless and with an alcohol problem. In his own words, “He had lost the will to live.” He is one of the many veterans (heroes) whom society has forgotten and we consider an honor to serve. It was our pleasure to give him love, many powerful prayers and lead him to a reason to go on. He is now a prisoner of hope rather than despair, and God has moved in his life with mighty restoration and healing. Steve has had a home for many years now along with his sobriety. He is excited about what the Lord is doing, and has become an instrumental volunteer in helping us feed the homeless. Steve is an important part in the body of Christ and has found a place where he belongs. He is a treasure to us! Steve works behind the scenes and coordinates our volunteers so that the monumental task of cleaning up after the feeds is accomplished in a timely and pleasurable manner. He has proven himself to be dependable, and we are honored to have him as part of our Daily Bread family.

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