Lisa; (Experince Works) Song Bird Angel

Lisa is the newest member of Our Daily Bread’s family. She came to us in August as part of the “Experience Works” program, but she really came out of obedience to what God was telling her to do as she said she felt a tug on her heart to come help out at ODBM. We have been praying that people with a love for the Lord would be drawn to the ministry to volunteer because ODBM is far more than a few individuals, it is our entire community reaching out to meet a most desperate need. Lisa came at just the right time and fills one of the greatest needs our people have: unconditional love. Lisa has a deep love for ALL of God’s people, and always greets people and cares about what is going on in their lives. Sometimes they just need to talk, and Lisa is always there with a listening and compassionate ear. She also has a gifting in worship. It is amazing how her gentle love for the Lord comes through in song. She soothes the restless souls with her heartfelt worship. It is amazing to see and hear the crowd quiet down to hear her worship; there is an air of peace that fills the building as she begins to let God flow through her in song. Lisa’s compassion also makes her a great person to pray with. Lisa is truly an answer to prayer. We thank God for her!

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