Monday night’s dinner offered refuge from the storm with a warm, homecooked meal, powerful prayer and inspirational Gospel message all served up with a side of unconditional love.  There were over one hundered guests who sought out refuge from the winds and cold rain.  Many were in need of blankets, but even more are being touched by the message of Love given that points the way to Jesus.  While many new faces were asking for hygiene items, blankets, socks or other essentials, a few of God’s children who have been staying after the meal to listen to the Word were asking for Bibles!  This is proof that ODBM is about more than meeting a physical need.  When a person’s basic physical needs are met and they feel accepted, they are ready to recieve a message that can change them from the inside out. 

It is important for us who have warm places to sleep and food on our tables to remember that there are those out there in our community (our neighbors) who are struggling:  some are struggling working class, disabled or veterans, but each has a story.  When I look into each persons eyes, my heart becomes aware of the struggles each is facing or the pain that some try to run from, but like their shadow, they just can’t lose it.   Its easy to judge someone and walk away, but a challenge to see a need beyond our own and meet that need.  My heartfelt thanks goes out to those who help feed the hungry in our community with prayers, finances and other donations.  You are making  a difference one life at a time!

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