Friday night, 10/8/10, was amazing!  The Power of God moved mightily and many lives were touched and changed.  Stella Carr gave a psssionately inspiring Word that touched the hearts of our guests and moved many of them to tears.  The night began with acoustic worship accompanied by a native drumbeat that prepared all in attendance to recieve the message of the evening.  The food, as always, was delicious, home-cooked and nutritious and met the physical needs of the people while settling them down to recieve what the main course of the night was…powerful spiritual warfare prayers were lifted up, the Word of God was ministered and recieved.  With every head bowed, Stella led the entire group in the prayer of salvation.; yet many approached her after the message was given for additional prayer.  A gentlemen came in after the service distraught, feeling that the Lord had led him to Our Daily Bread Ministeries for prayer.  Powerful prayer was given along with words of edification that met his deperate, immediate need.   The power of God moved so mightily that many guests stayed until after 9:30 to get prayed for.  We are very thankful to the Lord laying it upon Stella Carr’s heart to come and minister at the ministry on Friday night!  So, we invite our readers to come and experience a supernatural move of God!

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