Feeding the Hungry in Crescent City - Pastor Mike JusticeWhen I was 13 years old, I was stealing my fathers booze and getting drunk most nights. I started getting rebellious and was a class clown and trouble maker. By the time I was 15, I was introduced to Meth.  For the next 33 years, I served Satan wholeheartedly. My life began to spiral downward. I had three state numbers (California Dept. of Corrections) for a total of 17 years in lockup.

I was completely hooked on Meth, Cocaine, pot, and Oxycotin. I was an avid IV drug user. To support my habit, I was a major thief, stealing cars, cigarettes, tools, guns, gold– anything I could turn into money. I also ran a chop shop.

I didn’t care about anything or anybody but myself.

Then one night about ten years ago, I was in Garberville, California. Prior to that night, I hadn’t cried for over twenty years. But on that night, I was getting high and I remember looking up at the sky, wondering why I wasn’t getting high — the drugs were pure.

I was looking in disgust at my arms which were covered with needle marks, bruises and abcesses. I looked back up and started crying out to God sobbing uncontrollably like a five year old child saying from my heart to God, “Please take away this sick addiction so that I don’t have to live like this no more.”

That was the first time in my life I ever cried out to the Lord from my heart. It was also the first time I ever audibly heard from the Lord. He said, “ Dump it out.”

So I took the drugs and needles and poured it out and stuck the needles in the ground. I remember saying I was going to have a horrible comedown and not be able to eat for days. Then I walked to my house and laid on my bed. I went to sleep and I woke up in the morning amazed.

I ate, I had no “comedown” and only one needle mark on my arms. This was a sign from God to remind me of His power. The real miracle was that I never used again. That was July 8th, 2000.

After a few more years in the world, I gave my life to the Lord and started to be obedient to His Word. In 2006, He laid it on my heart to feed His sheep. That’s when Our Daily Bread Ministries was born.

Over 50,000 meals later, we are endeavoring to purchase and repair our building, which would complete phase one of our ministry goals. Phase 2 includes a forty bunk bed (80 person shelter). Phase 3 is “Freedom Now,” a free 90 day, live-in recovery program. Phase 4 will be expanding to unreached areas that have needs that Our Daily Bread Ministries offers and spreading the good news and gospel of Jesus Christ.

To hear the rest of this testimony please call me.

Mike Justice
Executive Director, Our Daily Bread Ministries
M-F 8a.m.-5p.m

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