Freedom Now is a comprehensive program based on God’s Word, the healing power of Jesus Christ and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  It consists of the Freedom Now manual that educates participants on the spiritual, behavioral and physiological aspects of addiction or life-limiting behaviors, and provides exercises and prayers to pave the way to life-recovery; this part of the group meets on Monday at 3:00 for 1 hr.


“What’s on Your Heart” meets on Wednesday at 3:00 where we focus on God’s Word, support, fellowship and prayer; we go over a Psalm, Proverb or other Bible passage and then share what is on our hearts and pray for one another.  This is an awesome time where the gifts of the Spirit flow and prayers are answered! It trains participants to answer problems with prayer as well as forming a family-like support group based on love and confidentiality.

On Fridays at 3:00, we work on “Breaking the Power of unmet needs, unhealed hurts, and unresolved issues in our lives” which helps attendees to focus on personal strongholds and root issues that keep them from the abundant life Jesus has promised.  This is a Bible-based study that gives practical principles to assist participants in using the keys to the Kingdom to set themselves free from old mindsets caused from past pain.  Kingdom keys are taught through identifying and breaking free of mindsets through prayer, focusing on self-improvement and transformation.

All groups are Spirit-led, confidential and prayer focused equipping people to go out and share what they have learned by becoming transformed people who walk in the Freedom of the Cross.  I am available for emergency counseling anytime or scheduled 1-1 depending on the clients needs.  I have made treatment plans when the need arises.  These classes are not limited to those who have drug addictions.  Many participants have been substance-free, but are not leading an abundant life that Jesus paid such a high price for.  We’ve learned being substance-free doesn’t necessarily mean you are free.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.  You are welcome to come observe the class, hear the testimonies and witness the success of the program.

In His Service,

Daphne Cortese-Dean

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