Our Daily Bread Ministries (ODBM) is facing a dire need, and we are calling out to caring people such as yourself to answer the need.  ODBM runs entirely on donations which enables us to help people without strings attached.  We give out emergency need services with a special touch that includes leading people to the One who can truely help them as a Savior.  We believe in restoring lives, but in order for that to happen basic needs have to be met such as: food, clothing, safety, belonging, acceptance and then finally self-actualization.  We provide food, clothing, blankets, shower passes, free life recovery classes but more importantly a place where people belong and can find hope.   Giving has been down by approximately over 50% for the past few months, and the community’s needs are growing expedentially.  We are seeing more working class families, veterans and people who are finding themselves having to choose between food and rent along with the growing homeless population.  We are asking readers’ to search their hearts and consider making a monthly commitment to this ministry.

In the past months, we have been making a trasition.  We have been working with an advisory borad which is composed of successful, knowledgable and skilled Christians throughout the community who have given us advice on how to improve the operations of the ministry.  We have implemented Quickbooks and have a budget in place that will be added to our website, so that we can be transparent in our finances.  We have worked to cut corners.  We have only two paid staff members, and have taken all advice to make the most out of each dollor that comes in, but we have come to a place where we need monthly financial commitment in order to focus on the work at hand and continue in the days ahead.

As always, we are in need of food donations:  meat, sugar, and turkeys and hams for the holidays.  We also need blankets, coats, sleeping bags, tents, tarps, toilet paper, towels and deodorant. 

We have a car donation program that can make good use out of your old car that is just sitting around. 

There are many ways in which you can help this much needed ministry.  Please give us a call if you would like to get involved and help 707-457-2269.  Thank you.

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