So many new things have occurred in 2011 at Our Daily Bread Ministries (ODBM).  You are going to want to get involved!  No matter what your gifting or talents, we have a place for you to participate in helping the community.  We realize that Del Norte County is full of caring individuals who have a desire to be useful.  As the ministry continues to grow, there are even more opportunities.  We have many stories of individuals, we call them angels, who couldn’t find a job, are retired or empty-nesters, but still wanted to do something productive with their time.  These “angels” started volunteering at ODBM and were hooked!  Some of them were able to find full and part-time jobs, yet still find time to come in and help.  If you are feeling a tug on your heart to do something worthwhile, and are unsure where to start; we have an opportunity for you to be a blessing and become part of our family.  We believe everyone has a purpose, so come drop by and talk to us and see how we can work together for the betterment of our neighbors and community.  We have growing opportunities for volunteers to use their skills volunteering while building up their resumes while gaining a renewed sense of purpose at the Angel’s Nest Thrift Store and ODBM including: office work, computer skills, photography, web design, cleaning, cooking, music (worship), serving, filing and organizational skills are always greatly needed and appreciated. 

ODBM is made up of family and volunteers.  We are the Body of Christ with many different parts, and we need each other to make this ministry a success by feeding people and touching lives.  There are so many needs in this community, but we believe that we can work together and meet the needs while growing in our relationship with Christ and eachother.  I would like to give you an example of a few of our most recent volunteers and the difference they make.  Last Monday night, a young 14 year old man named Austin honed his musical skills and blessed us with worship before the meal; his bravery and Love for the Lord was admirable and touched the hearts of all who listened.   Austin was a fill in for our usual dear sister who spent time serving  and then stepped out of her comfort zone and started singing on Monday nights and sharing a little bit of her heart in what the Lord has done.  The week before Austin’s performance, a couple stepped out of the Church doors and used their cooking talents to prepare a delicious fish fry for our dinner guests.  They will be continuing to bless the community by serving delicous Fish fries two nights in the month that we do not usually serve: March 1 & 22.   The youth at Grace Lutheran worked on getting together $800.00 worth of food for the meals, served and cleaned at a dinner.  Foursquare School had a coat and clothing drive in December and came and arranged the clothes for us.  The Pelican Bay Evangelical Free Womens Group made hats and scarfs with scriptures attached for our Christmas celebration.  Pastor Stella Carr has given up her friday nights to come and give a Word to the people during meals.  We believe in the worth of ALL our communities’ residents; one of our dinner guests who has been on the street for years has been helping out in the day time, staying sober and has found a place to live.   Numerous community service workers have finished their hours yet continue to serve.  Many of them have found part-time work through the ministry.  A retired Bookkeeper has offered her services to get our books in order.  A team of professionals from the community have been painstakingly working with us for the past year to assist us in administration, accounting, public relations and fund development.  A woman who has a green thumb wanted to give back to the community and has developed a partnership with the High School FFA to grow fresh vegetables for the meals; she has awakened the hearts of the students that they too can make a difference in the community and has 56 students wanting to participate.  A blessed sister who has successfully completed treatment for Hepititus C has been eagerly working on the development of a Hepititus Support Group that will meet at ODBM on the second Tuesday of the month from 6-8.  We might mention this same blessed saint has used her skills at the register in the “Angel’s Nest” as well as with computer data entry.  Others come and give of themselves by serving food, offering a smile, a hug or just an ear; the power of this should not be underestimated.  While some of our clients are facing financial hardships due to bills, others have lost all hope in many areas of their lives.  They feel like no one cares and that they are beyond help.  The time given in unselfish love to our guests matters more than you think.  It does take time, but we have seen numerous hearts softend and then lives changed.  While our guests lifes are changed, it is just as much of a blessing to watch people develop their talents.  So, what talent are you hiding?  Come and explore the possibilities with us.  Drop us an email, call or come by.  You will be blessed!

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