Your contributions of money, goods, food, time and prayers keep us going!  Every month brings a new challenge for us to bring in enough money, food and other goods to keep us serving the most needy in our community.  Here is a list of some of the many ways you can help us meet this challenge each month:

Cash Donations

Naturally keeping a steady flow of cash is essential for our ministry.  Some people give on a regular monthly schedule.  Even $10 or $20 a month is a wonderful help to us.  You can do this by using our PayPal option (see “Be a Daily Bread Angel” above) or by sending checks.  One time donations are equally welcome.  Whatever works for you helps us.


Donate by Recycling

Help our environment by recycling and donate the proceeds to Daily Bread Ministries.  Julindra Recycling (1039 Harrold St – 2 doors down from the ministry) has set up a special account for Daily Bread.  Simply drop off your recycling and tell them to credit the proceeds to the Daily Bread account (ID #28).   A great double-shot of helping…a cleaner environment and more food for the hungry!

Items Especially for the Homeless

We always need tents, sleeping bags, blankets, coats and the like for people who are facing the struggle to survive on the streets.  It can be mean and cold out there so these kinds of donations can make a huge difference.

Automobiles and Much More

Over the years we have had donations of cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, mobile homes, land and so on.   These generous gifts have made a tremendous difference in our ministry and ability to those who need it the most.  Is there an item like this in your life that you would like to see be used in our ministry?  Give Mike a call(707-954-6775) to talk it over.


Thrift Store Donations

Our thrift store (located in the ministry building at 1135 Harrold St, Crescent City) has become a primary source of income for the ministry.  We accept all sorts of donations from kitchen goods to furniture to tools, sporting goods, clothing, electronics and so on.  Have a bunch of stuff you’d like to get rid of but no enthusiasm for a garage sale?  No problem, just give us a call (707-954-6775) to schedule a pick up.

Estate Gifts

Have you included a gift to Daily Bread Ministries in your will yet?  What?  Never crossed your mind before?  No problem.  Now is a great time to consider helping the Ministry out with a final gift.



Certainly this list is not exhaustive.  You may have other ideas about how to help.  We are always thankful for your gifts and donations in whatever form.

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