For many years now our thrift store has been one of the primary ways we support the ministry.  As always, we give great thanks to all of you who donate so many wonderful items that you no longer need.  Donations range from clothing, furniture and other household items to, well, to houses!!  Well, really more like mobile homes, RVs, trailers, other vehicles, lots to build on and so much more.  We will list all of these larger and more special items under the “Special Items for Sale” which is under the “Thrift Store” menu item on our website.

Donating Your Goodies


thrift-store-clipartYou can certainly bring by items any time we are open (usually M-Sa, 10am – 5pm).  Please do NOT leave any items after hours.  Alternatively we are happy to pick up items from your home if you are in the Crescent City area.  We hope you understand that we cannot automatically take everything that you might no longer need. We have to consider if items are in good enough condition to be resold and things like that.  Taking unsaleable items to the dump is expensive and so we need to minimize that kind of problem.

Finding Treasures

Even if you do not have a donation to make you should come by and see what we have received from others recently.  There are always a few treasures to be had.  Think of us as your perpetual yard sale with hidden goodies just waiting for you to find them.

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