Greetings all,  We are pleased to announce a new endeavor that will be an opportunity for our community to come together in love and unite in what this season is all about!  On December 14th, 2011, we will be a hosting a Christmas Celebration of Giving, and we need your help!  Our idea is to be a blessing to those who are struggling financially during a time when families should be rejoicing.  Unfortunately, the joy of giving has often been limited to those who can afford it, but we would like to do something about that and lighten the load of our neighbors.   We will be having a delicious dinner on December 14th at 5:00.  During the meal, we will have a puppet show with a message.  The play is entitled, “Hark the Hairy Angels Sing.”  Be sure to come see what that is all about.  After the puppet show, we will be giving children, who would not otherwise be able, an opportunity to get presents for their adults and then move to a wrapping station.  Meanwhile the adults will be able to pick out a present to give their children.  This is a huge endeavor, but we believe the community will be blessed by it, but we need your help!

It’s time to look around our homes and see what we have that is no longer being used, but would be a blessing in the lives of others.  Take time to move out with the old to make room for the new while being able to be a blessing in the lives of others by giving them an opportunity to have the joy of giving.  We are looking for gently used items that others would like as gifts.  In addition, we can teach our children the joy of giving by asking them to give away toys that perfectly good, but no longer being used.  Many of us have been blessed with so much; now is the time to give back.  If there is nothing around your house you feel appropriate, go to the store and pick up a little something  and give from your heart.

As always, food donations will be gladly accepted since we will being 2 Christmas Dinners this year: One focusing on families on December 14th, and the other on those without families on the 23rd.  We are in need of hams, pies, stuffing, potatoes, butter or any other fixings needed for a Christmas feast.

Bring your donations to ODBM on 1135 Harrold Street (right behind Les Schwaab) on Monday thru Saturday from 8-5.  Make sure to let staff or volunteers know your donation is for the Christmas Celebration of Giving.  As always your donations are tax-deductible.  If you need a receipt for tax purposes let us know at time of drop-off.  Thank you, and may your Christmas season be filled with the joy of giving and family.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, give Daphne a call at 707-954-7319.

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