Greetings friends,

As the weather is changing, we are seeing an increased need amongst our neighbors.  We wanted to send a quick plea to caring individuals to come to the aide of the less fortunate in our community.  As we sit in our warm homes, we often forget that there are those outside suffering.  We are asking that we all join together as a community and pull out blankets we are not using as a love offering that will really make a difference in the life of another person, and quite possibly save lives.

We know we live in a caring community, and people do want to help, but don’t always know how.  Helping those in need is easy.  Simply bring your old blankets to Our Daily Bread Ministries @ 1135 Harrold Street, and we will hand them out to those in need.

We will also be having a Christmas celebration on December 13th wherein we will be giving children opportunities to pick out presents for their family, and parents who are struggling to get their children presents, an opportunity to get gifts for their children, along with a dinner, music, puppet show and gift wrapping stations .  We are accepting gently used toys and items that would serve as gifts for this event.  What a wonderful way to teach our children the joy of giving while cleaning out old toys they no longer use.  We believe this event will edify families and give everyone an opportunity to give.

If you could spread the word about this exciting opportunity, with your friends, family and co-workers it would be greatly appreciated.  Together, we can make a difference!  Thank you.

Our Daily Bread Ministries

1135 Harrold Street

Contact number 707-457-2271

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