I have been attending the Monday, Wednesday, Friday groups for about 6 months now.

It has been very healing for me. Gods presence in the groups has been amazing.

With Gods grace,  mercy. power and strength  and the prayers of the group,  I am  recovering from many past soul ties. and additive habits.

God has removed the desire to smoke marijuana. the resentments towards my children’s father, and the ability to forgive someone that harmed me when I was a child.

God is still moving in my life and doing much needed healing.

I attended the Freedom Now Group on Monday, Oct, 4th

We just started our new year long program out of the Freedom Now Manual.

It was an awesome beginning. The open trust with the group was amazing!  I truly felt the presence of God among us as we shared what we wanted to achieve in the year to come.

One of our group members said good buy to the group,  On his on his way to a year long Christen Recovery Program.

It was emotional to say good by but good to know that God is moving in his life.  He said that he would like to return and devote time here at Daily Bread Ministry’s

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