Every evening the dear saints gather in prayer before service in Our Daily Bread’s prayer circle.  This is a time when economic lines have been erased, and we enter in as family with One Father!  It is a family unique in that everyone is accepted and valued.  The judgement is left to God, and we are called to Love.  We gather with this sense that we are all sinners saved by Grace and in need of a Savior.  As we pray, it is our hearts’ desire that Christians would step out of their comfort zones, and begin to care about those society has left behind.  There is a tremendous blessing when we are obediant to the call of giving to those who cannot give back, and it is our desire that ALL are blessed!

There are a few churches within our community who have answered the call and stepped out of their comfort zones.  We would like to thank the United Methodist Church for their faithfulness in giving.  Their generous support has helped us to continue to feed the economically challenged with our community.  The past year held many financial struggles for the ministry, and without the help of the faithful parishoners at the United Methodist Church, we would not have been able to meet the growing needs we witnessed in 2010.  Grace Lutheran Church has also been a tremendous blessing as their youth has worked to purchase 800 dollors worth of food, serve meals and actually work at the feed.  These faithful believers were not afraid to get their hands dirty and step right into work.  They proved to be both humble and helpful.  In addition, two of Grace Lutheran’s members have felt led to hed up a Fish Fry which will begin Friday the 4th of February and will continue next month on days when we are not regularly feeding.  We are so excited and grateful for those who are willing to help.  We believe this is just the beginning.

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