We wanted to give you an update of how your generous gift has been used to help the community in 2014.


As you know, our first priority is to meet life-sustaining needs in the community.  With your help we:

  • Served 12,259 hot and nutritious meals;
  • Gave out 2,381 blankets, bedding & sleeping bags combined;
  • Gave out 575 coats, 2.3 tons of clothing, and a total of 850 pairs of socks and hygiene kits;
  • Provided 394 people with emergency counseling and prayer;
  • Helped 63 families by providing emergency food supplies;
  • Assisted 38 families by providing much needed household items;
  • Allowed 286 people to use our phone for urgent needs;
  • Gave 33 people with referrals to people and services who could provide additional help;
  • Provided 16 people with emergency transportation;
  • Shelter was provided for 29 people during some of the worst weather periods;
  • In addition 82 other various needs were met along the way.

Lives are changed through action, meeting basic needs is just the beginning. Our greatest desired purpose is to see lives changed through the love of God.  We have implemented a program wherein we met the needs of the community while providing opportunities for self-actualization for our clients.

Our Daily Bread Ministires - Crescent City, CA A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

Together, we assisted 48 different individuals who have physical and financial limitations by providing free labor to meet their various needs of moving, cleaning yards, cleaning blight properties in the community, etc.

For labor, we used our clients who were looking for work experience or just wanted to give back to the community; 113 individuals were part of this process.  Some were able to move on to paying jobs with the work experience given and because of their great work ethic shown on the job.

We assisted two of our most valued volunteers in starting their own lawn care business, “His Hands and Feet; Economy Lawn and Tree Maintenance Service.”

Giving back to the community is a blessing for all, in addition to an ongoing focus of an individual’s total renewal of mind, body and spirit.

Life Recovery in Christ

Our Life Recovery Group which meets three times a week had 1,180 attendees with many success stories; several of which are now giving their testimonies during the evening meals.  Unconditional love and acceptance coupled with the preaching of the Word of God has led to 23 people accepting the Lord as their Savior during our evening services and many more experienced the healing power of God!

The ministry, itself, had numerous successes as well.

We accomplished our goal in attaining incorporated status in November and became an affiliate of United Evangelical Churches.

We also attained our goal of purchasing our building, thus enabling us to move forward with the vision of an emergency shelter partnered with community support.

We are taking a step of faith by doubling our monthly mortgage payments.  Although this is challenging with our current income levels, this allows us to reduce the principal, thereby avoiding the balloon payment due in 2020.

Looking for a few Angels

Our prayer is that individuals in the community will partner with us by committing to monthly pledges toward the purchase of the building.

Community assistance is also needed for adding a shower to our building, as there are presently no facilities of this type for the homeless.

All of this was accomplished with God’s answer to prayers, our faithful volunteers, two staff members and your partnership of faith!  It is our honor to serve this community and to partner with you, and we are looking forward to even greater things in 2015.

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