Oct, 4th 2010 , Freedom Now Group is where the healing begins at the feet of Jesus!

We started from the beginning of our healing manual, Freedom Now, and discussed our own personal goals for the year and what we want to get out of the class because without vision, God’s people perish!

As we went through the  dedication to the writers of the manual, Evelyn Diment and Pastor Theo, we discovered a lot about Evelyn and where she came from and how God moved in her live and inspired her to compose the Freedom Now Program.  Pastor Theo gave a pastoral perspective on the content and power of God that he has seen move in participants lives.  This manual is an awesome ministry tool that is focused on healing the entire person:  body, soul and spirit.  The walking free rate of participants who are faithful to the program for one year is 86%!

At the end of our group everyone shared what their goals are, and what they would like to be free of.  This was a very emotional experience for some.  As we share together, the bonds of friendship grow and we find this is a place where we can be open without being judged.  It is the safe, family environment that is necessary in emotional healing.  We are all excited about what God is going to do and eager to experience all that we are meant to be in Christ.

We know that God is going to move in each and everyone of our lives in a powerful way!

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