Today the Freedom Now class covered ways that participants can take steps in meeting unmet needs that have caused past issues in their lives.  We also brainstormed about healthy ways to build stucture including daily enjoyable activities in order to build a sense of predictability and safety.  We had a first-time participant who was new to town and very distresssed.  He needed to find a payee and a home.  We prayed with him, and were able to refer him to a partnering agency that set him up with a payee.  We also referred him to a clean and sober living residence.  He later came in and said he lost his only money, and one of the class members said they found it.  He was elated, and new that God truely had led him to Our Daily bread Ministries.  He expressed his heartfelt thankfulness for the program, and eagerly volunteered to clean up after the meal.

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