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The Daily Bread Ministries Video – See What The Lord Has Done!

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Mar 05

What We Need Right Now

Check this page frequently to see what the current need is.  If the latest UPDATE date is a bit out of date please give us a call for any changes.  Your help is always deeply appreciated!!

Donations of money and items for the thrift store are ALWAYS on the list.

The Mortgage Fund

If you want to make a targeted financial contribution each month, please consider our Mortgage Fund.  In case you haven’t heard, we have finally purchased the building!  It is great news indeed (more info coming on the website), but it is also a greater financial challenge each month.

pantry-logo-2Here current list of items we need as of:  March 5, 2014

Food Items:

  • Meat in bulk
  • Dairy items (butter, cheese, milk products, eggs)
  • Rice and Beans in bulk
  • Beverage items (coffee, kool-aid, tang, teas, juices, etc)
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables (onions, garlic, apples, oranges, etc.)
  • Canned foods
  • Cooling oil
  • Spices
  • Desert mixes and frosting

Non-Food Items:

  • Heating Oil #1 (fuel for our heater)
  • Paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, napkins)
  • Plastic spoons and forks
  • Paper or plastic plates
  • Bleach
  • Dish soap
  • Pine-Sol
  • Antibacterial spray

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers too.


Mar 05

Join the Daily Bread Volunteer Family!

There is always so much more to do to help the hungry and homeless in Crescent City than there are hands to do the work.  We need you.  Come share in the joy we have found in serving those who need help the most.

The list of volunteer activities below is just a hint at the many things that we need help with every week.  Come around and talk with Mike and other staff and volunteers to discover how your gifts and talents might be used in ministering to our community.


And yes, of course, we need donations of all sorts all the time.  So along with or in place of your donation of your time and energy please consider the Many Ways to Donate to Our Daily Bread in Crescent City.

Here are a few of the many tasks and responsibilities you might be able to help us with:

In the Kitchen:

  • Servers
  • Cooks
  • Clean Up
  • Food Stock and Kitchen Organization

In the Office:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Filing and Organizing
  • Grant Writing

In the Thrift Store:

  • Organizing Items for Sale
  • Cleaning
  • Retail Experience (Customer Service & Cashier)

Or maybe you have another idea about how you would like to help out.  Give Mike a call today to talk it over.


Mar 03

Downtown Crescent City Lot for Sale – 308 G St. – $78,500

This property was formerly a tri-plex that has been torn down. The property is zoned RP (Residential Professional) which allows for multiple family residences.  The size of the lot is 90×105 ft.

The mitigation credits, sewer/water hook-ups and entitlements all go with the property.  The total value of these mitigations is $45,620 (documentation available by email).

308 G St Crescent City CA

Great Location within walking distance to downtown and the major shopping areas of CC.

services near 308 G St Crescent City CAContact Mike at 707-954-6775 to learn more about this opportunity.

Mar 03

The Daily Bread Thrift Store – Donate and Find Goodies Here

For many years now our thrift store has been one of the primary ways we support the ministry.  As always, we give great thanks to all of you who donate so many wonderful items that you no longer need.  Donations range from clothing, furniture and other household items to, well, to houses!!  Well, really more like mobile homes, RVs, trailers, other vehicles, lots to build on and so much more.  We will list all of these larger and more special items under the “Special Items for Sale” which is under the “Thrift Store” menu item on our website.

Donating Your Goodies


thrift-store-clipartYou can certainly bring by items any time we are open (usually M-Sa, 10am – 5pm).  Please do NOT leave any items after hours.  Alternatively we are happy to pick up items from your home if you are in the Crescent City area.  We hope you understand that we cannot automatically take everything that you might no longer need. We have to consider if items are in good enough condition to be resold and things like that.  Taking unsaleable items to the dump is expensive and so we need to minimize that kind of problem.

Finding Treasures

Even if you do not have a donation to make you should come by and see what we have received from others recently.  There are always a few treasures to be had.  Think of us as your perpetual yard sale with hidden goodies just waiting for you to find them.

Jan 29

Many Ways to Donate to Daily Bread, Crescent City

Your contributions of money, goods, food, time and prayers keep us going!  Every month brings a new challenge for us to bring in enough money, food and other goods to keep us serving the most needy in our community.  Here is a list of some of the many ways you can help us meet this challenge each month:

Cash Donations

Naturally keeping a steady flow of cash is essential for our ministry.  Some people give on a regular monthly schedule.  Even $10 or $20 a month is a wonderful help to us.  You can do this by using our PayPal option (see “Be a Daily Bread Angel” above) or by sending checks.  One time donations are equally welcome.  Whatever works for you helps us.


Donate by Recycling

Help our environment by recycling and donate the proceeds to Daily Bread Ministries.  Julindra Recycling (1039 Harrold St – 2 doors down from the ministry) has set up a special account for Daily Bread.  Simply drop off your recycling and tell them to credit the proceeds to the Daily Bread account (ID #28).   A great double-shot of helping…a cleaner environment and more food for the hungry!

Items Especially for the Homeless

We always need tents, sleeping bags, blankets, coats and the like for people who are facing the struggle to survive on the streets.  It can be mean and cold out there so these kinds of donations can make a huge difference.

Automobiles and Much More

Over the years we have had donations of cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, mobile homes, land and so on.   These generous gifts have made a tremendous difference in our ministry and ability to those who need it the most.  Is there an item like this in your life that you would like to see be used in our ministry?  Give Mike a call(707-954-6775) to talk it over.


Thrift Store Donations

Our thrift store (located in the ministry building at 1135 Harrold St, Crescent City) has become a primary source of income for the ministry.  We accept all sorts of donations from kitchen goods to furniture to tools, sporting goods, clothing, electronics and so on.  Have a bunch of stuff you’d like to get rid of but no enthusiasm for a garage sale?  No problem, just give us a call (707-954-6775) to schedule a pick up.

Estate Gifts

Have you included a gift to Daily Bread Ministries in your will yet?  What?  Never crossed your mind before?  No problem.  Now is a great time to consider helping the Ministry out with a final gift.



Certainly this list is not exhaustive.  You may have other ideas about how to help.  We are always thankful for your gifts and donations in whatever form.

Jan 29

Our Treasured Volunteers – Meet Mary Lou

Volunteer Angel

Volunteer Angel

Mary Lou has been a blessing to Our Daily Bread Ministries for about two years. She is a prime example of someone who sees a need within her community and does whatever she can to give of herself to help. After working an eight hour shift, Mary Lou comes in and serves with a smile. She treats everyone with respect and unconditional love something that all of our dinner guests are in dire need of. Her dedication is admirable and a tremendous blessing that shows that one person can make a difference by the giving of his or her time. Mary Lou works behind the scenes, but her love is felt throughout the building. Her kind and tender spirit brings a feeling of calmness amidst much busyness taking place in the kitchen. She is a light and testimony wherever she goes without even having to say a word. She is of more value than her humble spirit will ever know, and she surely is banking up many treasure in heaven. We treasure Mary Lou as a valuable volunteer and with a heart of gold! She is an intricate part of Our Daily Bread’s family and we are sooo grateful for her. Thanks Mary Lou for all that you do for those who are in need in our community.

Jan 29

Our Treasured Volunteers – Meet Lisa

Lisa; (Experince Works) Song Bird Angel

Lisa is the newest member of Our Daily Bread’s family. She came to us in August as part of the “Experience Works” program, but she really came out of obedience to what God was telling her to do as she said she felt a tug on her heart to come help out at ODBM. We have been praying that people with a love for the Lord would be drawn to the ministry to volunteer because ODBM is far more than a few individuals, it is our entire community reaching out to meet a most desperate need. Lisa came at just the right time and fills one of the greatest needs our people have: unconditional love. Lisa has a deep love for ALL of God’s people, and always greets people and cares about what is going on in their lives. Sometimes they just need to talk, and Lisa is always there with a listening and compassionate ear. She also has a gifting in worship. It is amazing how her gentle love for the Lord comes through in song. She soothes the restless souls with her heartfelt worship. It is amazing to see and hear the crowd quiet down to hear her worship; there is an air of peace that fills the building as she begins to let God flow through her in song. Lisa’s compassion also makes her a great person to pray with. Lisa is truly an answer to prayer. We thank God for her!

Jan 29

Our Treasured Volunteers – Meet Ellen

Ellen: Our “Experience Works” Angel

Ellen is one of our valued “Experience Works” employees, but we have come to love her as part of our Daily Bread family. Experience Works is a program for seniors who want to get more training and get back in the work field. The program pays the employees to work at non-profit agencies. We are truly grateful for this program that places valuable members of society in positions where their gifts and talents can be used to help the community. Ellen has many gifts that we put to good use around the ministry.

Ellen is quiet and gentle, but has a work ethic that is astounding. She has the unique ability to come in and quietly take care of whatever needs to be done. She answers

Jan 29

Our Treasured Volunteers – Meet Teresa


Teresa is our Volunteer Bookkeeper

Teresa Townsend joined our crew in March of of 2010 and took on the monumental task of bookkeeping; yet, she is so much more to us than a bookkeeper. Teresa came to us with years of experience with budgeting for the CA Prison system. After her retirement, she answered the call to help the ministry. Her fresh, positive outlook and intense Love for the Lord adds to her tremendous value. We know she was truly sent by the Lord, and mere words cannot express how much we appreciate her gentle, kind spirit, patience and knowledge. Since that date she began she has implemented Quickbooks and has added her expertise to assist us with budgeting. It is Our Daily Bread’s desire to be transparent in our books and up-to-date in our operations. We work our best to make the most out of every dollar, and Teresa’s skill and expertise has proven to be a valuable asset in our progress. Teresa is such a treasure because she has a unique combination of knowledge, faith in God and joyful outlook on everything she sets her hands to. We consider ourselves truly blessed to have her be a part of our family, and we know that she is sent by God because she is such a tremendous blessing and fills a need that she is so uniquely qualified to fill.

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Downtown CC Lot for Sale!!

To see the article about this lot click on "Special Items for Sale" under the "Thrift Store" item in the menu area.  Great location.  Great value.  Be sure to check it out.  ;-)